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The 2 day workshop will teach a combination of hard and soft skills that startups need for pitching to, and working with, foreign investors and partners. This intensive training will be conducted in English and will cover the following topics. 

November 1:


  • Fundamentals of raising funds. 

  • Essentials of the value propositions and the elevator pitch. 

  • Funding 101. VCs versus Angels. Know the difference and why that is important.  

  • De-mystifying term sheets, what every startup needs to know.


November 2:  

  • Pitching to investors; how and what to pitch.  

  • Creating a investment pitch deck.  

  • Common startup investing methods: convertible notes versus equity 

  • Dilution; how does it work? 


Post workshop (virtual): Personalized pitching practice and mentoring with American executive Rick Gauthier.

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